‘Stokey Made’ Products in production

My ‘Stokey Made’ Products have just grown by another item. What do you think of these Stoke Newington mugs in blue, yellow and red? The perfect gift for friends who live or used to live in beautiful Stoke Newington…

Stoke Newington Mugs

Stokey Mugs – retail price: 10 GBP each

In other fantastic news, I may also have a local shop called ‘ofcannagesandkings‘ that may be interested in stocking some of my products. Wohee, what a great start into the new year! So, I spend some time to make the posters and cards more retail presentable by improving print quality and changing the envelope colour to brown. What do you think?

Stokey Landmarks – Card set of 12 Stokey icons

Set of 12 different Stokey landmarks

Stokey Landmarks Cards – retail price 2.50 GBP each

Featured Landmarks:

  • Stokey Post Office with it’s faded Dyson print advertising
  • Stokey Library and it’s elaborate facade
  • Stokey Bookshop on High Street
  • William Patten School
  • Mansion House in Clissold Park
  • Clissold Chapel off Church Street
  • Flowers N16 on Church Street
  • Newington Green on Church Street
  • Abney Chapel
  • Abney Cemetry
  • The Fishery on High Street
  • Old Fire station on Brooke Road

Stokey Posters

'Pubs of Stoke Newington' Poster

Stokey Posters: Retail price from 10 GBP

There are three types of posters available in A3 and A2:

  • Pubs of Stoke Newington
  • Stoke Newington High Street
  • Stoke Newington Church Street

Get in touch with suggestions, comments and pre-orders ;) or keep an eye on my flickr account to track the development process of the Stokey Products.



  1. Love the mugs! These would make a great Christmas present for my brother. Did you end up printing the pubs on a tea towel? Are they available to buy now? Thanks Cat.

    • Hi Cat,
      I’m glad you like the mugs! Unfortunately I didn’t get the tea towels produced, the lines were somewhat too fine for screen printing.

      I don’t have any spare mugs at the moment, however if you’d like some, I could offer you to give you the print images and you could get them printed yourself. ASDA is the cheapest at around £5, closely followed by Prinster for £6.99 each. Drop me an email if you’re interested fee.schmidtsoltau @ gmail.com and we can take it from there. Thanks!

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