First Make/Create!

Saturday 22nd Sept, the first Make/Create happened with two of my friends, Nicola and Janki. Rather than over thinking and planning a workshop from start to finish I rather went for the approach of just doing it, suggesting and trying a few different ways and taking the things that worked best into the next Make/Create workshop, which will have more structure and tasks to it, to achieve something finished by the end.

For this we had two short stories and two short scenes from one of them as input. We all chose the same scene – a boy swinging a sword in the rain. We all went for a print approach mixed with illustration or collage. Below are the outcome of 4h of uninterrupted experimentation.

Things to keep in mind for next time:

  1. Bigger space
  2. All materials ready with a few techniques available
  3. Prepare short scenes pre workshop. Send email with story content and scenes prior to workshop as preparation
  4. Prepare a design brief to make it specific
  5. Printer and scanner available
  6. Idea: Workshops could be focused on specific techniques with the spirit of experimentation and learning
  7. Agenda and structure to the workshop: Arrival, Input, Making, Deadline, Sharing, Reflection, Blogpost – Sharing
  8. Lunch prepared and drinks available

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