Iconic London Proposal

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(via: facebook.com/cowlingandwilcox)

Today is the last day of London Icons Entry – we’re looking for 4 artists to paint various iconic London locations for window displays in our shops.

The 4 chosen artists will be given a 100x100cm canvas and £50 in materials supplied to them.

Those pieces will then go on display on the E17 Art Display and all artists will be fully accredited for their work. 

Email katie@cowlings.com with your CV, examples of work, and a proposal for what you plan to capture.

Please include links to your Facebook, Twitter, and website page so we can get everyone involved!


Idea 1 – Food, Cafes and Vintage Shops of East London

Materials: Collage mixed media and fabric print transfers using Instagram photos of shops of East London, which represents the creative centre and iconic life style of Londoners. Same concept without the creative edge would apply to shops and offerings would work in Soho too.

Idea 2: Polargraphed London

A Polargraph is a device which draws by vectors. It’s a pen holder on two strings, which can produce a continues drawing with great precision. Drawings can take any time from 10 minutes to several hours depending on pattern and size. It merges technology with artistic material properties. For examples of a Polargraph’s drawing style, please refer to Sandy Noble’s work. Please bear in mind, my Polargraph does not lift the pen of the paper.

For the  Cowling & Wilcox proposal I would like to experiment with different pens, drawing materials and paper and canvas qualities in wet and dry states.

It can be a one off (one final drawing produced) or it could be an installation for a limited amount of time during which one drawing a day could be produced from instagram images which people tweet for drawing. People then could visit the store to pick up their drawing. Any additional drawings are property of the artist and can be sold to finance the further development of the Polargraph.

Examples of previous work


Houses of Stoke Newington February 2012

Festival of the World – Under the Baobab website

Craftythingsmade blog


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