The birth of MakeCreate!

MakeCreate! is a series of workshops – hackathon style 1 or 2 day events to bring writers and creative visualisers together to make a leap towards publishing. I already have a handful of visualisers from my friendship group interested and two archiologist fiction writers who through their works bring the past to life by combining archeology findings from an excavation they are doing currently on the Llŷn peninsula in Wales with their passion of creating fictional stories.

So as a start to make this happen I created a facebook group and wrote to Cass Art London and Wales Tourism to ask for kind sponsorship for art materials and a bit of money for food. It would be great to host a first small workshop at the beginning of August in London. Sounds good? Come and join in!

For inspirations I started a tumblr ( please add any inspirations for styles or materials to it :)


Let’s draw, illustrate or even animate! There are lots of creative authors out there who are looking to connect with creative visualisers to bring their text to life, and lots of creative types who wish they had more time or specific projects to draw and make. 

So, let’s come together in a hackathon style to create illustrations, book covers, animations and more (anything creatable in one or two days) to make a leap towards publishing!!


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