#Wildthing Spotted app

Research Impressions

“It’s all about time when you live in London!” – Parent of two kids 16 months and 4years old girl and boy.

“We have fish. Used to have 40 fish, but now we only have a few big ones, the others were eaten and I like to see how they case each other for food. It’s cool!” – Harry – 8 years old

“I often talk to my friends whilst playing Football Fifa 12 on PS3 using the intercom or the chat or phone. When it’s not raining we go out to the park and play football.” – Harry – 8 years old

“We don’t often go into nature. I would not know how trees are called anyway. I only know Daffodils and Chestnuts… ” – parent of a 3 year old

“I like it when my hair takes off. I like to play Hide and Seek and my favorite game is Ladybird hunt” – 6 year old girl

Spotted! is a simple detective app for kids and parents to search and spot objects. It’s like a geocashing treasure hunt. Hunts are crowd created suitable for any location whether that’s a community garden, a  park, part of town or a playground. Spotted! uses personified bugs and plants to create characters with personality traits inspired by the plant and objects. To investigate each creature’s whereabouts the kid needs to apply his detective skills to search in locations. As hunts are complete a skill of one of the found creatures is gained and unlocks more difficult hunts. It’s a great outdoor activity for kids and parents facilitated through a simple app!

Spotted teaches kids and parents the names of plants, bugs and trees addressing ‘The worry of not being able to answer Nature Questions, the so called Nature Danger’.

Spotted App prototype – http://spottedapp.herokuapp.com/ <- It definitely needs some moderation and the ability to delete hunts

Try out the herb hunt!

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Stuff kids 6-10 like: 

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