Reflection on UX input

At the end of last year, a friend and inventor Matt Venn asked me to help him with the UX of his MazePuzzleBox website. In case you  don’t know what a MazePuzzleBox is: it’s a wooden box with an internal maze which if you wish to open the box, needs to solve by turning and twisting. For each box you can design the maze yourself and get it partly or fully assembled send to your doorstep.

And the website helps you with exactly that! It informs what the box is, let’s you design and order your box so that it can be with you in just a few weeks (bear in mind although the parts are lazer cut, the box is assembled and glued by hand). You should check it out and order one or just have a look and give feedback. ;)

Anyway, so I helped a  little bit, I supplied a few ideas and wire frames of what the page should be structured like, trying to keep the number of pages to a minimum and a clear communication. But the site was owned by another friend who did the logo and the rest of the sites look. So, now I was wondering what had been taken forward, what not and just felt like using this as an example to plot down my thoughts on improvements.


Main page (comparing my design thoughts with end result with my very subjective annotations)

Design your own maze process

Site Navigation and Structure

So in a nutshell, things I learnt:

  • There are lots of things I won’t know unless I ask potential users ;)
  • I cannot drive a design convincingly unless I have reactions and quotes to back it up, some kind of proof to back up my decisions and reasoning.
  • How to set the right poster frame in a youtube video to double it as an image of the product: ( useful link, just don’t watch the video with the bum – it tells you nooothin!

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