Portfolio + CV

Wuhh! Updated portfolio with complete new section – Touchpoints! Previously I’ve been struggling to communicate what I am actually designing especially in co-design projects ie. designing and running workshops with people to come up and develop ideas for new services. The new section attempts to tackle this by going into detail of some of the things I’ve designed or made: still missing an example of a service blueprint though or scenario video to communicate new services. Take a peek if you like… (PDF with 40 pages | 10 projects | 3 sections with CV up front or have a look at my CV with mini portfolio).

(Do let me know if you come across some typos or if you have any suggestions for improvements. Thanks! … or of course if you got a job or project opportunity for me ;)


New addition to my Portfolio…



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  2. Francis Norton

    Hi Fee, awesome portfolio, and I’d love to see an example of a Service Blueprint – they are still slightly rare beasts. Likewise Customer Journey Maps, which I guess a Scenario Video might parallel.

    (One typo spotted – “seemless” should be “seamless”).

  3. Thanks for your feedback, Francis! I’ll correct the Typo. I’m currently transforming it into a web based portfolio, where I’ll also integrate a service blue print. Will share it with you when it’s done.

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