Baobab website [update]

Woop Woop! May I present version 3 of the webpage I’m creating for the Pirate Technics’ ‘Under the Baobab’ project at the Southbank Centre. It’s pretty close to the proposal but it still needs a few finishing touches. For instance most description titles are still missing not to mention the alternate text, but all images should be there..

I have a whole list of things I’ll still need to do visually and content wise, but would love to hear feedback and thoughts for improvements or reporting bugs for things that do not seem to work in particular browsers.

To do list

  • Refine all titles and descriptions
  • Portrait captions: [Name student] | [Country], Masters textile student
  • Set margin of fancybox bottom to audio player
  • Style captions in fancybox
  • Fix position of ‘about’ text and refine copy
  • Add Pirate Technics’ fabric stories and images in additional tiles
  • Add ” ” construction photos and videos


  • Allow time for bug testing / browsers/ ipad & phones
  • Allow time for last copy changes and get some people to proof read
  • Check in with Southbank Centre for circulating links (Display with Baobab and PR about tree)

Related project links

Working version: 

Code on Github (feeschmidts):

Flickr project files:

Soundcloud interview files:

Flickr Pirate Technics:


The baobab tree

And this is what the final space looks like in the Museum bit of the Festival of the World

The display may be a bit disappointing. At least the student’s fabrics are displayed, so that people can touch them. The Baobab site is displayed OK on a nice large mac, but the fact that people can listen to it is not obvious (there is no holder for the headphones and when I arrived to check the display out they were tugged behind the plinth). Other learnings include:

  • List of functionalities for the IT person installing it, so that they know whether it’s actually working or not.
  • List of URL which the site is using (e.g. flickr farms, soundcloud) which need to be able to be loaded for the site to function properly. Think of parental software with restrictions in museum displays.

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