Cycle history audio tour

Over Easter my boyfriend and I covered about 200 miles in three days cycling from London around the coast of Kent from:

70 miles from London to Canterbury via Greenwich and Gravesend

50 miles from Canterbury to Folkestone via Sandwich and Dover following the National Cycle Route 1 and 2 from Dover

60 miles from Folkestone to Battle along the Royal Military Chanal, Lydd, Rye and Hastings following the National Cycle Route 2

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We spend about 7-10 hours a day cycling with frequent breaks. The National Cycle route takes one past the most interesting places on route like Greenwich, Canterbury, Rochester, Rye and other Roman remains. With the tight time schedule and miles we wanted to cover a day with the intention to reach our camp site before it gets dark – it did not really allow visiting any sights (apart from that 16.50 pounds per person to visit Dover castle just seems a little exuberant).  The few information panels on route were great but wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to listen to the history whilst cycling along unlocking new historical facts as new destinations are reached?

Would it not be fantastic to listen to interesting historic facts based on where one is cycling to unravel stories as one is passing mile stones in a formal of short stories? For instance the story of Battle of Hastings in East Sussex – when cycling from Hastings to Battle over the hills which Duke William II of Normandy must have crossed to meet King Harold II and his troops on Senlac Hill making as many local references as possible.

The easiest way to achieve this would be the Wikipedia app which shows Wikipedia articles related to your location but I’m not sure whether it can also read them out to you. Anyway, before going ahead too much in the idea process I thought I’d spend some time looking at already existing open source resources and audio guide services to possibly pick this up again sometime in the future.

Open Source Screen Readers



Talkback open source Android App

London based audio tours (free and paid services)

Free walks of London (poor quality ish)

London Bridge


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