Fabrics of London

This past month I’ve been helping out Alex Rinsler with a project for the Southbank centre and it’s Festival of the World which will be exhibited all summer. It’s a huge Baobab tree made from different fabrics from around the world. The fabrics are created by international textile master students from Chelsea college of Art and I’ve been helping capturing their inspiration and stories behind the patterns created. For documenting the fabrics before they get used and worked into the big tree, all of them needed to be documented – their details and full beauty. So here we go… the first 1o fabrics from around the world placed in locations of London – you never know who or what you may find when you keep your eyes open.

*Please note* Details of each of the fabrics will be added later.

Fabric spread along Hungerfordbridge by the Southbank Centre

Fabric spread across step like seating benches with people sitting

Fabric spread over bench by piers next to Westminster Bridge

Fabric spread perpendicular to Thames walkway by the National Theater

Fabric hang from hand rail along Hungerford Bridge

Later in April the remaining batch of fabric will be collected – about 20 more are to come. With a few more helpers similar pictures could be taken in the one afternoon available…

I really like the idea of meeting points for the locations – places were different cultures and origin come together. They should also have some relevance to the Southbank centre somehow…. so some definite favourites would be:

  • Underground
  • On the Tube
  • Westminster Bridge
  • Pier
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Green Park
  • On a bus
  • Picadilly Circus
  • Covent Garden
  • Train platform – inside Waterloo station
  • Chelsea Collage of Art

**Awesome!! The group of students have started adopting the style of the pictures and started taking their own…**

Fabric spread along London Undergrounds platform with train pulling in.

Used in courtesy of Serab Pollard and friends

Used in courtesy of Penny Hayhurst


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