Let’s build an app. The App UKBeerMap lets you map the beers you drink and discover similar beers at new pubs near you – it’s a crowd sourced local beer guide. Above is the home page. It will be realised in html5 and css3, so the visuals are only guiding in terms of font and spacing. It let’s you record the beer name, brewer and overall rating combined with a few tasting notes, so that in the future they can be better differentiated either suitable for particular moods or  accompanying events or meals eg. ‘great alternative to creamy desert’). The app will be linked with twitter.

There are already a few beer related apps. (how they differ, will be added later after I’ve checked them out in more detail) ratebeer.

Wireframes for quick recording mechanism (still to be tested whether categories make sense and detailed copy) and logged in page

To do next:

  • Test paper prototypes in pub with friends
  • Test proposition and language
  • Refine branding and proposition
  • Build logged out homepage (find nice free fonts to use)
  • Refine logged in page (especially the beer palette to make it more meaningful, maybe… display comments instead of any beer icon as it’s clear that it’s about beers and to differ them will be a pain to match with right glass shape. Instead: ‘perfect for a desert’, ‘great to start off the evening’, ‘for a sweet interim’, ‘a good light summer drink’ etc.
  • Test twitter link
  • Test mapping [Map based on location]
  • Refine map roll overs


First testing (22/02/2012)

notes will follow

Rating sheets 1st version


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