Stokey Posters

So what will I do with the 29 different Stoke Newington drawings at the end of February? I thought it would be great to create themed posters (maybe even a tea towel) to decorate the bare walls at home, but also offer it for sale independently or ask some of the local shops on Church Street. It would also be really nice if the local cafe ‘Lemon Monkey’ would let me exhibit the drawings and posters in March sometime.

Below are two poster examples with some place holders of existing drawings. One poster for Pubs and the other summarising the best facades and drawings made in February.

Or smaller individual prints with coloured elements.

UPDATE: Finished Pubs of Stoke Newington Poster


  1. suah suh

    Lovely drawings. Fee!

  2. I think the close-up (individual piece, final image above) shows off your pen and ink work to best advantage. Well done, good luck.

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  4. Helene

    I love the ‘pubs of stoke newington’ – If you ever decide to make it up as a print, please let me know!

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