First commission…

… and looking for more. If you like me to sketch your house in February to make it into an art piece, get in touch. Otherwise I am always interested in suggestions for façades with interesting history or local relevance. Thanks.

Denman house on Lordship road in Stoke Newington, London.

Print version of the drawing in black on white [A3].



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  2. HB

    Hey – these are really good. My Gf lives just around the corner from this building.

    I would love to discuss asking you to draw a building of my choice (My Workplace)

  3. Hey HB, great you like the drawings. What building would you like drawn and where is it?

  4. HB

    It’s Wembley Stadium. Would you be interested in taking that on?

  5. Wembley Stadium?! That’s quite a building! Which dimensions do you have in mind for the drawing? Do you have a particular angle in mind already or whether it’s of the inside or the outside?

  6. Hi,

    We are launching a website on the 16th March. We like your work and wondered if you would allow us to use a couple of your drawings. – 3 days to launch

    News, Books, Conversation

    Hackney Books will go Live on the 16th March

    We will be actively looking for new fiction, poems, art and news stories from the 16th March

    In particular we would be interested in seeing any new drawings. We take illustrations for fiction but are also keen to see stand alone drawings, cartoons and comics.

    More information including sneak peeks of the Live system at the pre-launch screen

    Best wishes,

    David Gill
    Hackney Books

  7. Hey. I love your work and I am actually looking for something really similar of a different block of flats on Albion road. Is it something you would be able to do? drop me an email anyway :)


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