Kinnal Craft Book

In 2007, I was part of a six headed team running a craft development project in rural India. For 9 weeks the team lived in an Indian village and learned a traditional craft, the Kinnal Craft. Even though I put together numerous documentary films immediately after and composed a DVD, of which most are available on youtube or vimeo, I could never really let go the idea of creating a beautiful book. I wanted to make use of the amazing pictures that were taken and bring it all together into one physical outcome, whilst learning more and experimenting with page layout in Indesign. So, finally after 5 years of thought and different prods at it (check my facebook pictures for earlier design ideas), may I present the Kinnal Craft Book. Below I included four examples of spreads, and for the ones who’d like to see the full beauty: it’s a rather huge pdf (120MB for print quality version) and a smaller version (16MB) for a quicker peak.

You may notice the layout is not very strict and most spreads are different from one another – I designed it that way because everyday in India held different surprises, visitors coming by or new dishes to be tried. I’d love to hear feedback whether this was achieved – a good mix without being too inconsistent or even difficult to read.

* Note: The white stuff between the illustration will not be there in final versions of printing.



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