Houses of Stokey (February challenge)

This post only includes the first week of the February drawings. For the entire set, check my facebook album.

I am drawing these pictures to improve my drawing technique and perspective. The ’28 Drawings Later: February Drawing Challenge‘ on facebook is a great initiative to do something consecutively for one months, so that it becomes more part of one’s behaviour and even after February is done more regularly as one has realised that it doesn’t take much to do it.

I chose the theme ‘Stoke Newington houses’ because I love living here in Stokey as one may call it and it has lots of interesting façades and beautiful examples of painted on brick advertising. After the month of drawing I am intending to turn some of these pictures into bigger art work, combine them with colour to create a few pieces of art for the bare walls at our home or other people’s (if there is interest).

Day 1: The Rochester – some say it’s the oldest Whetherspoons in the country.

Day 2: Old fire station off High street

Day 3: Abney Park chappel

Day 4: Dental Surgery on Church Street

Day 5: Flower shop on Church street with great examples of painted on brick advertising

Day 6: Stoke Newington Town Hall

Day 7: Rose and Crown Pub (has a great quiz every Tuesday)

Day 8: St Mary’s Lodge. The controversy about the increasing derelict state has been going on for years. I attempted to juxtapose it’s glorious past with elements of the state which it is in nowadays.

Day 9: First commissioned drawing in this series – Denman House on Lordship Road


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