Photos of a lifetime

With thousands of photos accumulating over a lifetime. What to do with them all? Some people print the best ones out – out school style – and stick them a photo album, others get regularly a photo book printed, others may arrange them oderly in some digital file system, possibly triple backing it up or uploading them to flickr. Photos from childhood are particularly pressures, but these pictures in themselves shape the memory one has of these particular events as memory fades. I have been interested a while in the stories connected with childhood events and I like to explore the re-narration of the past in more than just images and videos time and event dependent.

That’s why in a first step to capture memories from older family members I made two little books prompting small stories. I included things like … the first words, a favourite lalabi, a panoramic view in Tuscany, a scary moment, mess in the house, favourite cat story… As I’m German and I’m using my own family for this project, the book is called ‘Eine Reise in das beste der Vergangenheit’, which translates as ‘A journey through the best of the past.’ This is a long term ongoing project and I gave my gran and mum one year until the Christmas to fill out their booklet.


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